1977 Beating Up Brother Chris
1977 Bday Party Skylight Gemini Lk Shelby
1977 Post Kids Birthday Party Jam Session
1977 Cool Detroit Musician Jamming
1977 Monte Carlo Shelby Gong Show CWBC
1977 CW Baby Cool Play for Suzi Quatro
1977 Darlene Amazing Detroit Female Drummer
1977 Lynn Hock & The Changing Times Practice
1977 Parents Basement Party 1 of 2
1977 Parents Basement Party 2 of 2
1977 Mickey Quatro Jam Session
1977 Mickey Quatro Jamming Suzie On Bass
1977 Detroit's Pleasure Seekers Band Practice
1977 Pleasure Seekers With Suzie Quatro
1978 Chris Mechanic Fixing Honda Gas Prices
1978 Hot Air Baloons over Gemini Lake Shelby
1978 Joe and I Play with Dog Charlie Wig
1978 Punchin Big Boy Cuttin Grass Trans Am
1978 Me Chris Cousin Mark Playing Suzie1
1978 Me Chris Cousin Mark Playing Suzie2
1978 Mike Jill Griminger Amy Bill Halloran
1978 Skylite Gemini Lake Shelby Fishing
1979 Danny Hock Graduation Party
1979 Danny Hock Graduation Party 2 of 2
1979 Backyard Shelby Gemini Lake Band Party
1979 Chris Eric Pensyl Cunningham Baseball
1979 Chris Baseball Pennsyls Cunninghams
1979 Cutting Grass With Charlie Lake Gemini
1979 Gramma Grampa Uncle Bill Canoeing
1979 Hooks Lock Ness Monster Dad Honda
1979 Hooks Nashaks Gordy Hampton Joe
1979 Larry Papke Going Sailing Black Socks
1979 Lynn Hock and The Changing Times Gig
1979 Bitter Start and End of My Baseball Career
1980 Abby Ginger Jaami Carol Gary Backyard
1980 Atari 800 Basic My First Program
1980 Bailey Fort Sunrise Bakery 25 Mound
1980 Carter Reagan Election Night Snippet
1980 Chris Jeff Kevin Jam Session
1980 Maine Lobster Charlie Ripped Curtains
1980 Cobo Hall Corvette Show Detroit WRIF
1980 General Motors Commercial
1980 Gramma Dad Gordy Rhode Island 1
1980 Gramma Dad Gordy Rhode Island 2
1980 Hamlin Pre Party Sucking Helium
1980 Jim Hock's 40th Bday Party Inside
1980 Jim Hock's 40th Dismayed Ginger
1980 Jim Hock's 40th Bday Party Outside
1980 Larry Papke Wake Dorth Papkes on Stage
1980 Larry Papke Benefit Party
1980 Vegas Look Alike Performers Benefit Party
1980 Mom and Gramma Apart Repairs
1980 Mom Gramma and My Volcanoe Project
1980 Mr Mckekorans House Party with Joe
1980 PM Magazine PC's Apple II
1980 PM Mag Video Games Space Invaders
1980 Presidential Debate Regan vs Carter
1980 Strip Tease for My Uncle Gary
1980 VP Bush's Cuz Popped Cap in Regans Ass
1981 Changing Times Band doing a Wedding
1981 Chis Kevin Coonan Hampton Metro Beach
1981 Dad Building an Ultralight from a Kit
1981 Crazy Dad Fly's the Neighbors Kids 1
1981 Crazy Dad Fly's the Neighbors Kids 2
1981 Detrot Lions LA Rams Drew Hill Billy Sims
1981 Ford Field Corvette Show Wet T-Shirts
1981 Kirby Holmes Mayor Fundraising Event
1981 Kirby Holmes Chris Terrorizes Guests
1981 Moms Band Doing a Party at Lake
1981 Myron Fighting Bullyism
1981 Phantasm Good Version Mike Jim Kev
1981 Pontiac Silverdome 49ers v Bengals
1981 Patomic River Washington DC Plane Crash
1981 Skylight Lane Shelby Big Snowfall
1981 Survey Lake Orion Airplane Swamp Apt
1981 TV American Bandstand
1981 Yates Cider Mill Gramma Fudge Making
1982 Backyard Party Band and Hot Air Balloons
1982 Band Setup Lake Saint Clair Home Party
1982 Chris Near Mid-Air Ultralight Collision
1982 Chris and Dad Driving to Vail Colorado
1982 Dad Handheld Panasonic VCR Camera
1982 Dad Flying Ultralight Low Mich Fields
1982 Dark Skies Storm Lake Gemini Shelby
1982 Detroit River Boat Races
1982 Edward Dave Janet Chris Charlie Swim
1982 Guy Bought Dads Ultralight Totalled It
1982 JL Hudson Credit Union Party Detroit
1982 Meltdown Eric n Peg Playing My Atari 800
1982 Metro Park Detroit Summer Party 1
1982 Metro Park Detroit Summer Party 2
1982 Mom, Dad and Jim Krowshar Air Show
1982 Motorhome with Abby Chris Gramma
1982 Bob Sterner Purchases Ultralight
1982 Pensacola Lily Marlene Rosie Gradie
1982 PM Magazine Woolen Mill Kandy Haus
1982 PM Magazine Gunslingers For Hire
1982 Say Yes to Michigan TV Ccommercial
1982 Space Shuttle Launch from Orlando Florida
1982 Spring Blizzard in the Midwest
1982 Start and End my Chicken Farming Career
1982 Tom Kathy Jenny Mark Papke Backyard
1982 Ultralight Gas Finished Low Buzzing
1982 Trude Lynn Greg's Band Mistress Setup
1982 People and Sights Vail Colorado Gondola
1983 Jim Hock Phantom Almont MI
1983 Backyard Family Summer Party
1983 Chris and Friend Playing My Atari 800
1983 Ginger Lori Kendra Searchmont Ontario CA
1983 Greg Nashak's GMC Truck and Skyhawk
1983 Moms Master Degree Graduation
1983 Dana Eubanks Channel 7 Featuring KByte
1983 McCormick Chris Dad Skiing Vail Co
1983 Zak Ginger Popped Collar Matt Pimp Mode
1984 Apple Macintosh in Our Living Room
1984 British Airways Concord General Motors
1984 Jim and Chris Skiing Beaver Creek
1984 Chris and Lynns Graduation Party
1984 Cutting Grass Connie Hogan on Motorbike
1984 Dave and Janet Papke's Wedding Backyard
1984 Detroit Tigers World Series Champions
1984 General Motors Biz Trip Jet to Chicago
1984 Grampa Hock Owning and Betting Horses
1984 Inhereted POS from Bro Terry Fixing
1984 Jim Hock Phantom Ultralight Almont MI
1984 Jim Krousaur's Engagement Party
1984 Trash Bratz Mystery Girls Hamtramick Pub
1984 University of Detroit Class Reunion 1958
1984 Christmas in Frankenmuth
1985 Summer Day Hot Air Balloon Launch
1985 Space Shuttle Explodes Midair
1985 Christmas Broken Thumb Skiing Gordy
1985 Contour MES Solution 3000
1985 Jim Hock GM Japan Calma Fuji ToolnDie 1
1985 Jim Hock GM Japan Calma Fuji ToolnDie 2
1985 Jim Hock General Motors Hanauma Bay
1985 Jim Jean Mike McClellan Sterners
1985 Sterner Backyard Balloon Launch Terry
1985 Summer Backyard Party Many People
1985 Ultralight for Sale
1986 Adam and the Ants Dog Eat Dog
1986 AutoFact Solution 3000 Setup
1986 Rush Snippet on TV
1986 Chris Martin Party Uncles
1986 Bckyard Party Balloon Launch
1986 Boes Coonan Sauce Mystery
1986 Boxing Zombies
1986 Boxing Zombies Sequel
1986 Doris Biscoe Channel 7
1986 Dodge Panther Dodge Boys
1986 IKE HS Graduation Ceramony
1986 MES Prep for Autofact
1986 Kev Hampton Bullied Kid
1986 HS Agent Orange Report
1986 Jeana Yaeger Voyager Live 1
1986 Jeana Yaeger Voyager Live 2
1986 Kunkel Coondog Jim Zepher
1986 Skig Bailey Kunkel Zeponis
1986 Autofact Detroit MES Opening
1986 MES Wayne Uncle Jerry Tom
1986 Ross Perot Left GM Board
1986 Prom Rights of Passage
1986 Michigan Commercials
1986 Skig Kev Doorbell Death
1986 Todd Scott Barney Cat
1986 Solution3000 Jim Hock Office
1987 Arlene Quatro Talks Sherilynn Fenn
1987 California Seaplane Inspection Flight
1987 Van Rolled CAMM 3 Axis Miling MES
1987 ADPhi House East Lansing
1987 David Hock Graduation Party
1987 Easter Mark Family Matt Jenny Tom
1987 Flying Putin Bay Ohio in Cessna
1987 Frankenmuth Barvarian Festival Pistons
1987 Jeffs Awkward Second Prom
1987 Jim Krowshar Dinner Party
1987 McClellan Cottage Lake 4th Party
1987 Lakeland Landfield High Football
1987 Lancair Close Water Flying Big Bear
1987 Micro Engineering Office Wayne Etc.
1987 Greg Nashak Wedding
1987 Oshkosh Winnebago Seaplane
1987 Matt Mark Patti Gramma David
1988 West Germany Airshow Collison
1988 Guy Buying Shelby Twnshp Mineral Rights
1988 Waterford Orion Lake Mich Property
1988 Jim Apartment Maintainence
1988 MES ADPhi Backyard Party
1988 Peg Lynne Eddie Charlie
1988 Livington County Mich Property
1988 Jim Tom Chris Neyer Keith Vail
1988 Solution 3000 Demo Vid
1988 Vail Brenkenridge Skiing Stills
1990 C and I Monterey California
1995 Mountain Biking China Camp Marc
1996 Boating Lk St Clair Dad Marc
1997 India and Lao Kristong Patricia
1998 Reiko Masumi Ebisu Tokyo
1998 Franny I Fudge Making
1999 Cycling Bangkok to Saigon 1
1999 Cycling Bangkok to Saigon 2
1999 Cycling Bangkok to Saigon 3
1999 Cycling Bangkok to Saigon 4
1999 Cycling Bangkok to Saigon 5
1999 Harajuku Home Masa Yuki Rei
1999 Shibuya Reiko Studying
1999 Paul Marc Drive Rafting Downieville
1999 Flying into Phuket from Vietnam
1999 Harajuku Yoyogi Cosplay
1999 Ebisu What the Dickens
1999 Ebisu Enjoyhouse Live Music
1999 Cordsan Enjoyhouse Ebisu Roppongi
1999 Sept Bday Helmutcam Masa Yuki Rei
1999 Oct River Rafting USA River Night Party
1999 River Rafting Kevin Yijun Marc Orlando
1999 Harajuku Yoyogi Rockabilly Dancers
1999 Practicing Japanese Roppongi
1999 Cordsan Chikkas Ebisu House
1999 Chris Wedding Daytime Napa
1999 Chris Wedding Night Glued Sofa
1999 Jayman Juicing SoCal
1999 Hollywood Blvd Reiko
1999 Downieville Sierra Camp Marc Rei
1999 New Baltimore Rei Shan Jim Chuck Lynn
1999 Jim Carter Siesta Key
1999 Flight to Bangkok Marc Rei
1999 reiko-chicago-kathy-house
1999 Lk St Claire Oliver Justin Rei Boat
1999 Ebisu Tokyo Japan House
1999 Itaewon South Korea with BG
1999 Jon Rei Thanksgiving Tokyo
1999 Roppongi Tokyo Cord Motown Gays
2000 Patong Phuket Thailand Marc Rei
2000 Ho Chi Minh Marc Rei Kiue
2000 Vietnam River Kuchi Tunnels
2000 Saigon Ho Chi Minh Marc Rei
2000 Marc Yoshiko Mill Valley Depot
2000 Masumi Reiko Parking Enjoyhouse
2000 Ebisu Tokyo Zazou Enjoyhouse
2000 Y2K Bangkok Snakeshow Marc Rei
2000 Saigon Marc Rei
2000 Go Karting Scott Siti Yves
2000 Harajuku Jesus Dancers Shibuya Koyaru
2000 Ebisu Accoustic Beatles What Dickens
2000 Masa Yuki Jon and Dates
2000 Enjoyhouse Vibes Ebisu Tokyo Japan
2000 Bangalore India Oberi Tom Maninder
2000 Marc Rei Bangkok New Years
2000 Lynn Karaoke NY NY
2000 Lynn Karaoke Crazy
2001 Misc Photo Collection
2001 Snake in Samui
2001 Greg Ina Wedding 2 of 2
2001 Greg Ina Wedding 1 of 2
2001 Greg Ina Wedding Conrad
2001 Greg Ina Wedding Snippet 2
2001 Greg Ina Wedding Snippet 1
2001 Regensburg Richard Matching BMW
2001 Alp Du Huez Mega Avalanche
2001 Alp Du Huez Zoo Music Bar
2001 Cycling Paris Mike Geyer 2 of 2
2001 Cycling Paris Mike Geyer 1 of 2
2001 Mike Geyer Camera Expert
2001 SK Mansion St Thomas Walk 13th Floor
2001 Carter Xiao Marc Gull Island
2002 Misc Photo Collection
2002 Sights Sounds Bangkok Shangri-La
2002 Matt and Hellen Singapore
2002 Jill Red Dress Singapore
2002 Jill Dancing Not That Innocent
2002 Jill Dancing Matt Singapore
2002 Jill Dancing Singapore
2002 SK Mansion Singapore Maninder
2002 Orlando at Singapore Airport
2002 Stick with Computers
2002 Big L and Wan in Phang Nga
2002 Sept Singapore Downtown Fireworks
2003 Misc Photo Collection
2003 Longkong ACYC Chalong Yachtclub
2003 Sunshine Restaurant Laos Kristong
2004 Misc Photo Collection
2004 Andaman Cove with Jorgen
2004 Tsunami Phuket Chalong Patong Karon
2005 Misc Photo Collection
2006 Misc Photo Collection
2007 Q1 & Q2 Misc Photo Collection
2007 Q3 Misc Photo Collection
2007 Q4 Misc Photo Collection
2007 Q4b Misc Photo Collection
2008 Misc Photo Collection
2008 Brother Al Meets Khun Nam
2008 Cruising Backwater Canals
2008 Kings Cup 1 of 2
2008 Kings Cup 2 of 2
2008 SEA Multihull Regatta
2008 Khun Nam Stuck in Reverse
2008 LongKong Lunch and Swim
2009 Misc Photo Collection
2009 Lao with Kristong & Thanaphan
2010 Q1 Misc Photo Collection
2010 Q2 Misc Photo Collection
2010 Q3 Misc Photo Collection
2010 Q4 Misc Photo Collection
2010 Sarasota Twin Palms Party
2011 Q1 Misc Photo Collection
2011 Q2 Misc Photo Collection
2011 Q3 Misc Photo Collection
2011 Q4 Misc Photo Collection
2011 Race Week Beached Boats
2012 Q1 Misc Photo Collection
2012 Q2 Misc Photo Collection
2012 Q3 Misc Photo Collection
2012 Q4 Misc Photo Collection
2012 Beach Club Grand Opening
2013 Q1 Misc Photo Collection
2013 Q2 Misc Photo Collection
2013 Q3 Misc Photo Collection
2013 Q4 Misc Photo Collection
2013 Phang Nga Bay Cliff Diving
2013 Siesta Key and Singapore
2014 Q1 Misc Photo Collection
2014 Q2 Misc Photo Collection
2014 Q2 Longkong 1
2014 Q2 Longkong 2
2014 Q2 Aproaches
2014 Q3 Misc Photo Collection
2014 Q4 Misc Photo Collection
2014 Belgium Istanbul Orlando
2014 Beneteau Sea Trial
2014 Drinking Sailing Brother Al
2014 Inspecting Yacht for Purchase
2014 Music Events and Festivals
2014 Beneteau Yacht Survey
2015 Q1 Misc Photo Collection
2015 Q2 Misc Photo Collection
2015 New Lights for Beneteau
2015 Big Buddha Cycling
2015 Orlando Flying with Edibles
2015 Detroit Frankenmuth Hirk Keith
2015 Mazzy Star Sunrise
2015 Meeting Delos in Phuket
2015 More Big Buddha Biking
2015 Phang Nga Bay Regatta
2015 Phuket Vegetarian Festival
2015 Racha Yai Anchorage Jo
2015 Sarasota New York Phuket
2015 Yanmar Engine Fails Turnover
2016 Beneteau Cyclades 43.4
2016 Filling Water Tanks
2016 Pitch to Shark Tank
2016 Removing Engine Relay Switch
2016 RPM Best Burger Competition
2016 Single Handed Mooring Pickup
2017 Do Thais Like Fudge